Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Are Reuniting in New Show 17 Years After ‘The Simple Life’

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Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie previously gave fans a glimpse into their world on The Simple Life, and are reuniting for a new show. What is their new reality show about?

Are Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Reuniting for a New Reality Show?

Nearly 17 years after The Simple Life ended, multiple sources have reported that Paris and Nicole are planning to team up for a new reality show. However, details of the new series are currently being kept under wraps.

While the premise is not yet known, TMZ reported that the new show is not a revival of The Simple Life.

The Great News actress first sparked speculation that something is in the works when she shared a collage of photos of herself and Paris over the years via Instagram on May 9, 2024. “From Day 1: Sill and Bill,” she captioned the photo. Paris responded in the comments section by writing, “Sanasaaaa.”

Four days later, Paris healed every millennial’s pop culture heart when she shared a teaser for their new show! The clip featured a static vintage television with the duo’s iconic “Sanasaaaa” playing in the background.

“New Era. Same Besties. Coming soon to Peacock,” she captioned the May 13, 2024, Instagram post.

Fans aren’t the only ones excited for the new series as Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and other celebrities flooded the comments section with their anticipation.

One month after the show was revealed, Paris said she was “so excited” to work with Nicole again.

“We have been best friends since we were two years old. So many of my best and most fun memories are with her,” she told Us Weekly in an article published on June 11, 2024. “What we created together is so special and this is just going to be so iconic. I am so excited to do this for all the fans.”

After noting that she “can’t say much yet” about the show, Paris promised that “it’s going to get iconic.”

“This is going to be a reunion show about our friendship … We are the OG’s and I am so proud of that show and how it just inspired so many other people,” she teased.

What Was ‘The Simple Life’ About?

The Simple Life followed Paris and Nicole as they tried to do different blue-collar jobs. Throughout the series – which ran for five seasons between 2003 and 2007 – the friends were forced out of their comfort zones while working jobs like being farmers and waitresses.

The first three seasons ran on Fox, and it was later picked up by E! for its last two seasons.

Paris Hilton Said She Was Playing a Character on ‘The Simple Life’

While The Simple Life wasn’t the only reality show Paris starred on, she admitted she wasn’t always her true self on the show.

“I was playing The Simple Life character for so long. I was definitely underestimated, and there were a lot of misconceptions,” she told the New York Post in January 2022. “No one knew the real me before.”

Paris continued, “A lot of why I created the character was for The Simple Life, but it was also kind of a mask, or a protective shield, because I didn’t trust anyone. And after my [2020 documentary This Is Paris] I learned so much about myself and started talking about all of the traumatic experiences I’ve been through.”

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Are Reuniting in New Show 17 Years After ‘The Simple Life’: Report
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Are Reuniting in New Show 17 Years After ‘The Simple Life’: Report

She added that starring on Paris in Love has been “a healing experience” because she “finally” knows who she is. “I had an amazing time shooting the show [Paris in Love] with my mum, and spending time with her and my sister,” the New York City native said about her latest reality show, which premiered in 2021.

When Does Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s New Reality Show Premiere?

The new show’s title and premiere date has not been revealed at the time of publication.