Paraplegic woman educates TikTokers on how it feels to be paralyzed with a simple exercise

A woman is educating fellow TikTokers on how it feels to be paralyzed through a simple exercise. On Jan. 10, Jessica Tawil — a paraplegic woman based in New York and New Jersey — shared the exercise in a clip that has since gone viral. According to her profile, Tawil has a T6 injury, which signals a loss of motor and sensory functions below the waist. “A lot of people ask me what being paralyzed feels like, so I’m going to show you in under 60 seconds,” she says in her video. Tawil then instructs her viewers to lower their hands onto a flat surface and tuck in all of their fingers, except for the ring finger. “Now, try to lift your ring finger,” she says. “As you can see, it does not go up, and that’s exactly what paralysis feels like”. In a text overlay, Tawil further expands on the feeling of being unable to move certain parts of your body. “The frustration you feel from not being able to lift your finger is the same frustration I feel from not being able to move my legs,” the text reads. The TikTok has since received nearly 11 million views