Paramount+ is offering a month-long free trial to new subscribers — only until tomorrow

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CBS All Access is dead, long live Paramount+.

After ViacomCBS announced in September last year that the six-year-old CBS All Access would be effectively rebranded as Paramount+, the latter was officially launched on March 4 this year with, well, not exactly a bang. Its brief moments in the sun so far were notably Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah as well as the 63rd Grammy Awards, both of which streamed live on the site in addition to airing on the television network (but only the latter was available on demand after).

In a sense, Paramount+ is playing catch-up to fight for its place in the so-called streaming wars against popular, established platforms like Disney+ and Netflix. That's perhaps the reason Paramount+ rolled out an enticing one-month-long free trial for new subscribers — something that's undoubtedly attractive for The Good Fight, Star Trek, NCIS, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon fans — as well as a 50-percent-off deal for yearly memberships with code "YEAR." The offers are set to end tomorrow, March 31, making this the last chance for viewers to sign up for a lengthy test run of the remade platform.

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Watch now! The Good Fight and Star Trek: Picard at Paramount+, one month free with trial at

With a Paramount+ subscription, viewers have access to the hundreds of shows under ViacomCBS' umbrella such as the aforementioned spin-off of The Good Wife, Picard, Lower Decks, and Discovery from Star Trek, and Nickelodeon hits like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Movies currently available include the first three Mission: Impossible films as well as classics like The Godfather and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. What's more, Paramount+ offers viewers live streaming access to CBS, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, and ET Live, perfect for cord-cutters.

Soccer fans who follow the UEFA Champions League and Europa League can stream or catch matches on-demand on Paramount+, as well as the NFL's 2021 season when it starts in September for American football fans. Viewers who sign up for Paramount+ can cancel their subscription anytime before their free month ends and still enjoy the full trial, while those who want to stick with their subscriptions will be charged $5.99 per month for the ad-included plan or $9.99 per month for the commercial-free option. If you choose the year-long membership, the commercials-included plan will only be $29.99 annually under its current promotion while the ad-free option comes down to $59.99.

Make sure to subscribe to Paramount+ before tomorrow ends — it's unclear whether the streamer will extend its month-long free trial to viewers in April. Plus, keep Paramount+ on your radar with EW's coverage of the streamer here.

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