Paramore members address homophobic comments made by former bandmate Josh Farro

Shannon Miller
·2 min read

Paramore is taking this time to express its unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community after homophobic comments made by former bandmate Josh Farro surfaced on Twitter. In what appears to be a partially redacted Facebook post that began circulating on October 28, Josh—who left the band in 2010—compares homosexuality to pedophilia. Later that evening, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams tweeted a brief statement alluding to and swiftly condemning the former lead guitarist’s comments. “there’s a reason there are only 3 people left in @paramore. surprise, haters, it ain’t cause of me,” Williams wrote, referencing longstanding rumors of allegedly difficult behavior. “paramore do not condone religiously/politically dogmatic beliefs which leave our LGBTQ+ friends, fans, & family feeling abandoned and hopeless.” In a follow-up tweet she added, “and ya know, if that doesn’t jive with you, well, feel free to go to where all past members of paramore have gone which is literally anywhere else but Paramore.”

Josh’s brother and founding member-slash-drummer Zac Farro followed with his own statement addressed to the band’s LGBTQ+ fans. In the note, he distances himself from his brother’s views: “When my brother and I left Paramore in 2010, there was a post about the band that I did not fully condone. My name was included on the post yes, But I had not been briefed on what the entirety of that message contained,” he said. “I am openly speaking about this now being not only the founding drummer of Paramore, but also rejoining in 2016. I am saying that I have a voice of my own and my voice stands with our band and our fans, not with words including me in actions I do not agree with.”

Williams has spend the year fine-tuning her solo career, however the band is still very much together with an open plan to release new music in the unspecified future.