Paralyzed Beauty CEO Still Fearless at 40

Very few of us are born fearless, but some ascend to that state from a seminal moment in their lives. In this episode of “Fearless Like Me”, Francesco Clark recalls when he faced that moment, lying paralyzed in a hospital bed after a pool accident. “I was told by my surgeon that I would never talk, breath on my own, or move my arms ever again,” he recalled. “I learned to become fearless at that moment when I felt my life had been robbed of who I was.” Over time, with the steady love and support of his family and friends, and something mystical he felt beyond that, Francesco grew to believe that he would get better and thrive. “Clark’s Botanicals embodies that because it is about bringing forth the energy you feel on the inside to the way that you look, and projecting it to other people.” This channeling of your inner strength has been at the core of Francesco’s journey from that hospital bed to becoming the founder of Clark’s Botanicals. This strength was tested soon after he began recovering his mobility when he was hit by a secondary condition, severe skin issues related to his paralysis. He lost the ability to sweat, regulate and balance his skin in the ways that most people are used to, leaving it congested and gray. Through arduous trial and error guided by his father, a physician, they created the very first (and still best-selling) Clark’s Botanicals product. From this humble, initial effort to solve his own skin condition, Clark’s Botanicals now celebrates its 10th year in business. Not only are they giving back to spinal cord research through their connection to the Christopher Reeve Foundation, but they have recently started a campaign to challenge others to be fearless and share their stories with one another. The campaign called #FearlessInYourSkin has major beauty influencers getting behind it to help encourage and inspire acts of fearlessness! Friends and family have joined to celebrate all of this great progress and Francesco’s 4oth birthday! Watch to see how he has inspired others and get some insights into how Francesco intends to stay fearless and be a model for others as he and the company move into the future. Learn more at: Follow Francesco on Facebook at: To see more OnlyGood WELLNESS videos, visit us at: Welcome to! (Formerly HooplaHa - Only Good News) - It’s a Positivity Movement. We at OnlyGood TV believe that positivity will change lives for the better. We strive to be the hopeful voice that recognizes people are good & out there doing good things for their communities and society at large. We tell the stories of the individuals and organizations that inspire and motivate us, and fuel the Positivity Movement. Watch an exclusive collection of stories featuring PETS, FAMILY, WELLNESS, and COMMUNITY, including unique series and Live Specials that shine a spotlight on everyday people, making the world a better place. #OGTV Visit us at: Like us on OGTV-Hooplaha’s Facebook Page: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: