Papoose Reveals His Approach To Making Marital Decisions With Remy Ma

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Papoose has shared his insight into what makes a strong and happy marriage, which he believes comes down to a husband’s willingness to compromise and have trust and respect for his wife’s perspective.

The Brooklyn native recently appeared on the debut episode of CassiusLife and MadamNoire’s new video series Listen To Black Men, which was released on Friday (May 5).

During the sit-down, which included several other Black media personalities, professionals and entertainers, Papoose argued that marriage isn’t a dictatorship and can only work for the longterm if a husband’s partner is liberated themselves.

“When you get married, you take wedding vows,” the former mixtape phenom offered. “He has to honor his queen. If she disagrees with something, he has to take her perspective into consideration going forward. He can’t just totally disregard her point of view.” He concluded his sentiment by echoing the popular phrase, “Happy wife, happy life.”

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The Nacirema Dream rapper also addressed the dynamic between himself and his wife, rapper Remy Ma, who is also an actress and often works with men as part of her profession. According to Papoose, Remy’s interactions with other men doesn’t affect him or their relationship, as he’s able to separate reality from fiction. “It’s just a job,” he told the cohosts. “It’s just the work place. I would never feel insecure about that,” he added. “We talking about a situation where everybody [is] being respectable and doing their job and keeping it moving.”

Watch Papoose’s appearance on the premiere episode of Listen To Men below.

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