‘Paper Town’ Stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff Talk Taylor Swift and Beat-Boxing in ‘Know Your Co-Star’

Gwynne Watkins

In Paper Towns, Cara Delevingne plays Margo, the beautiful teenager who mysteriously vanishes after a wild night with her friend Q (Nat Wolff). But what real-life mysteries are still unsolved between Delevingne and Wolff? Turns out they involve beat-boxing, Taylor Swift, and Dustin Hoffman. Watch the Paper Towns stars challenge each other to a game of Yahoo’s ‘Know Your Co-Star’ in the video above.

When asked to spell Delevingne’s last name from memory — no easy task! —Wolff wowed the supermodel-turned-actress by getting it right on the first try. However, he had some trouble naming her favorite Taylor Swift song. (Hint: It’s not “Bad Blood” — even if she appeared in the video.) And when asked about Cara’s dream beat-boxing partner, Wolff had to throw out a few guesses before he landed on the right rapper: Kendrick Lamar.

For Cara’s part, she got stumped on a question from Nate’s past: What famous performer once gave him an acting lesson? “He’s in The Graduate,” Nate hinted. “Jeremy Kingsley?” Cara guessed — leaving us all wondering who Jeremy Kingsley is, and what version of The Graduate she’s seen.

Paper Towns opens in theaters on July 24.