Palworld player insta-kills a mini-boss with a +130% attack power chipmunk that ate 116 siblings to get stronger


Palworld breeders are already pushing the game to its limits, creating adorable genetic concoctions that can pull out an SMG and drop a miniboss in five seconds flat.

A player who goes by BoneNeedle on Reddit showed off a custom-bred level 29 Lifmunk named Bubbles absolutely melting a level 30 Elphidran in an instant. The Lifmunk Recoil ability means that these creatures can just jump on a player's head and effectively be used just like guns themselves, but it took careful breeding to get this Lifmunk to deal so much damage.

"After several generations of breeding, I got a Lifmunk with the traits Lucky, Ferocious, Musclehead and Hooligan for a total of +80% attack power," BoneNeedle explains. "Then, I used about 116 of the excess Lifmunks in the Pal Essence Condenser to enhance the final version to four stars. Then, I used the Statue of Power to enhance the attack power even more by about 23%.

"On top of that, I used Bristla's Partner Skill to buff the attack power of Grass Pals in my team by another 40%. And then I fed Bubbles a Rushoar Bacon 'N' Eggs for an extra 10% attack power on top of that. Not factoring in the boosts from the Essence Condenser and Statue of Power, that's a total of +130% attack power."

In case Palworld's not-so-quietly messed up nature hasn't hit you yet, BoneNeedle captured and bred 117 Lifmunks and then fed every single one of the useless siblings to the one who turned out to be strongest. This is a supervillain origin story if I've ever heard one. As commenters on that post have noted, Lifmunk's Paldeck entry notes that "there have been more than a few cases where they've killed their master after learning to use weapons." So, you know, watch out for that.

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