Paley International Council Summit 2020: Paradigm Shifts in Interactive Entertainment

Global leaders gather for Paley International Council Summit 2020: Globally Connected: Media in the 21st Century, on November 10, 2020, to hear a discussion of "Paradigm Shifts in Interactive Entertainment." While traditional forms of entertainment have faced challenges navigating a global pandemic, the billion-dollar gaming industry has leveraged its technology-based DNA to deliver entertainment experiences to homebound consumers whenever they want and on whichever screen they desire. Beyond the games themselves, the interactive entertainment industry has fostered global communities of millions of players who use games to stay connected with family, friends and even strangers around the world. What are the industry trends and what is the future for gaming and interactive entertainment?

Speakers: Seth Schiesel, Contributing Editor, Protocol; Strauss Zelnick, Chairman & CEO, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.