'The Pale Blue Eye' Exclusive Clip

Christian Bale and Harry Melling star in Scott Cooper's 'The Pale Blue Eye.'

Video Transcript

- So tell me. How'd you learn about Leroy Fry?

- Well, from Huntoon, of course. He's been spouting the news like the town crier. Perhaps, someone might hang him before too long.

- You don't mean to imply that someone hanged Mr. Fry.

- I don't mean to imply anything.

- Why do you think that the man who cut Leroy Fry's heart out was a poet?

- The heart is a symbol, or it is nothing. Now, take away the symbol, and what you have, it's a fistful of muscle of no more aesthetic interest than a bladder. Now, to remove a man's heart is to traffic in symbol. And who better equipped for such labor than a poet?