The Palace May Have One More Trick up Their Sleeve to Put the Kate Middleton Conspiracies to Rest

Really, since last Christmas, there have been conspiracy theories all over the place about what could be going on with Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, behind closed doors. Some theories claimed she died, while others claimed there was a divorce happening; and you know what it was? Cancer. Yes, Kate is undergoing preventative chemotherapy to deal with cancer, and has been away from the public eye for months (and may not be back until 2025). Once again, conspiracy theories are running rampant, and it seems the Palace may have an idea of how to stop them.

So, if you need a refresher, on March 22, after months of badgering, she uploaded a video explaining her cancer diagnosis to her Instagram, and experts claim the Palace may do this again to calm down the conspiracy theorists.

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Kinsey Schofield recently told GB News that the Princess of Wales has a bunch of support behind closed doors, and is focusing on her wellbeing amid this unprecedented time, and many of her family members will be taking care of her even more soon.

Schofield said that despite focusing on her physical and mental health, the Palace may want her to upload another video to the public. “When The Daily Beast asked their palace source how the palace would deal with the inevitable resurgence of conspiracy theories, they said they would not rule out another video message updating the country on her health.”

She added, “That proved to be a very effective way of keeping the conspiracy theorists at bay.”

So, while there’s a chance royal fans may not see her until 2025, another video may come out, especially if the theorists don’t stop their rumors about a cancer-stricken woman, who is reportedly, now more than ever, focused on her health. But for right now, we just want Kate to have a good amount of time for recovery.

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