This New Palace Book Unites the Brand's Most Iconic Product Descriptions

As many Palace fans know, one of the best parts about the online shopping experience is of course, reading through the brand's unconventional product descriptors that have little to no relevance to the product at hand. At long last, these uniquely brilliant descriptors have been immortalized in book form, available for purchase.

Created by Phaidon, the new book, dubbed Palace Product Descriptions: The Selected Archive, brings together over 3,000 product descriptions, each uniquely written by Palace co-founder Lev Tanju. From Anatomy and Animals to Romance and Travel, the book features 22 categories in total, with descriptions coming from all over the brand's nine-year history.

Complete with an introduction written by poet and literary critic, Sam Buchan-Watts, the archival book comes complete with glossy shots of Palace's most sought-after products and candid, behind-the-scenes imagery from the brand's extensive archive.

"Ludwig Wittgenstein claimed that a serious philosophical work could be written entirely of jokes: we might now add product descriptions," reads the book's introduction. Watts adds that "[Tanju has] pioneered an art form in a place where few people thought to look," and we can hardly disagree.

The new book will be available for pre-order from the Palace website from October 14, with the publication date set for October 26. In the meantime, check out the brand's latest Winter 2022 lookbook.