Page Turners: Ambridge author releases crime novel; Brighton writer/logger publishes poems

Page Turners is a monthly profile of Beaver Valley authors with new releases.

"Stolen Pieces"

— by J.R. Mason

Ambridge author J.R. Mason sets her third novel in Pittsburgh, saying the fast-paced psychological crime thriller reads like an epic two-hour crossover event of TV's "Criminal Minds" and "Law & Order: SVU."

Referencing Steel City landmarks, the storyline follows a predator who becomes more dangerous and elusivewith each passing day.

"Once body parts are discovered on display in highly visible inner-city locations, the search for the offender will take you on more twists and turns than Pittsburgh detours during construction season," Mason said.

“After two novels about the tragic Pittsburgh dating scene, I wanted to write the type of book that reflects the murky space where my dark mind resides. Now that it’s done, early readers have messaged to tell me things like, ‘This is crazy! If you couldn’t find a date before, you’re definitely never gonna get one now.’ I just laugh because they’re probably right.”

"Stolen Pieces" will be released June 7, and is available for pre-order in paperback ($15.99) and hard-cover ($22.99) online at Barnes and Noble and on preorder sale for Kindle on Amazon.

Ambridge author J.R. Mason holds her new novel, "Stolen Pieces."
Ambridge author J.R. Mason holds her new novel, "Stolen Pieces."


— by Robert Love

A Brighton Township native who moved to Montana after graduating from Beaver Area High School in 1971, Love's collection of poems and essays spans 50 years, documenting a life lived close to the land. The selected pieces mark the literal and spiritual trail he's traveled, from the headwaters of the Ohio River to his home on a tributary of the Columbia River, and from dour Scottish Presbyterianism to the sweat lodge and Sundance, and from youth to old age.

After moving to Bozeman, Mon., Love studied creative writing at Montana State University, and began working as a timber faller in 1975, the same year he got married. He became an independent logging contractor in 1994, specializing in forest restoration.

"Pathfinder" is available at Amazon for $18.95, and Love also left a copy at the Beaver Area Memorial Library when he visited Beaver in late March.

Brighton Township native/Montana logger Robert Love's new collection of poems inspired by a life lived in close connection with the land.
Brighton Township native/Montana logger Robert Love's new collection of poems inspired by a life lived in close connection with the land.

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"On The Mark"

— by Jonnetta West

A Rochester High School graduate and deaconess, West challenges readers to take the spiritual race of their lives in this thought-provoking, evocative and passionate call for us to depart from what she describes as our modern day "Babylon" lifestyles.

An engaging guide to embrace your future and salvation through the loving power of Jesus Christ, the author teaches readers apocalyptic prophecy from a biblical standpoint. She makes a close study and breakdown of many scriptural passages, giving biblical insight by acknowledging the zeitgeist signs of our age, and showcasing a large variety of clues to the end times predicted to come.

West is an author of three Christian books and has appeared as a guest on Cornerstone Television's "RealLife," which opened doors for her to later host her own TV show, "Planting Seeds of Faith," that ran over two seasons.

"On The Mark" is available on Kindle, ($6.99); hardcover ($23.99) and paperback ($15.99) via Amazon.

"On The Mark" by Jonnetta West.
"On The Mark" by Jonnetta West.

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