Padma Lakshmi's Daughter Krishna Takes Over in the Kitchen to Cook a 'Chaotic' Dinner

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The former 'Top Chef' host's daughter made a butter sriracha couscous recipe

<p>Padma Lakshmi/ Instagram</p> Padma Lakshmi and her daughter Krishna

Padma Lakshmi took the backseat and let her daughter cook dinner.

In a video shared on Thursday, the celebrity chef announced that it’s been a “really busy week here in New York,” so she is having her teenage daughter Krishna cook dinner.

Krishna, 13, also referred to by the former Top Chef host as "Little Hands," says that she will be making butter sriracha couscous. She continues to explain that she came up with the dish when she was 11 years old and her mom “really liked it so she wants me to cook it today.”

She adds one cup of couscous and prepares it per the package instructions and sautés the vegetables because “that is a good thing to do,” she explains simply.

“Do you like cooking?” asks the camera person.

In perfect comedic timing, Krishna then drops the pat of butter and covers her face with her hand.

“I like cooking,” she answers after getting the butter in the pan and back on track. “I don’t know if it’s a generational thing but most of my food that I cook independently is done in the microwave and in a mug.”

She continues, “So when [my mom] cooks, she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s bake it, let’s put it in the oven, let’s do a washed egg white glaze.’ And I’m like, ‘Can I just make instant ramen, please?’”

<p>Padma Lakshmi/ Instagram</p> Krishna Makes Butter Sriracha Couscous

Padma Lakshmi/ Instagram

Krishna Makes Butter Sriracha Couscous

The teen almost forgets to add her chopped onions to the pan but remembers just in time for the grains to be ready.

She adds butter, milk and sriracha to the couscous, adding extra heat per her personal taste.

“Do you like spice a lot?” she's asked. Krishna quickly responds: “Yes."

“I like spice but it can’t be too much,” Krishna adds, reminiscing on some instances of trying extremely spicy food. “I remember me and my friends had a Carolina Reaper and we did the Death Nut.”

After adjusting the spice levels and stirring in the sautéed veggies, she dives in. “As chaotic as that was, it is really good,” Krishna says after taking a bite.

Aurora Rose/Variety via Getty Padma and Krishna Lakshmi
Aurora Rose/Variety via Getty Padma and Krishna Lakshmi

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This isn’t the first time Krishna has followed into her mother’s culinary footsteps. She's appeared on Padma’s various cooking series. Krishna popped up in a Hanukkah-themed episode of Taste the Nation, the 53-year-old’s award-winning travel series, given that Krishna's father, Adam Dell, is Jewish.

"Her father's family, originally, is from New York and is Ashkenazi Jewish and did live on the Lower East Side. And so to do an episode about Ashkenazi Jews in New York and pretend that I have no connection to it would've been disingenuous," Lakshmi told PEOPLE in 2021. "It made perfect sense for her to be there at that Hanukkah dinner. And so that's why she's there in that sequence."

Krishna is also not afraid to roast her famous mom from time to time, like when she interrupted a cooking video posted on Instagram in August 2022 and told her mom "nobody cares" about what she was filming.

"My daughter keeping me humble," Lakshmi wrote over the video.

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