Padma Lakshmi knows it’s ‘not easy’ for her daughter to have a mom who’s a model

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Padma Lakshmi is not afraid to set boundaries when it comes to her daughter and social media accounts.

The host, model and food connoisseur is the mother to 13-year-old Krishna Thea, whom she shares with her ex-partner, venture capitalist Adam Dell.

While Krishna is often featured on her mom's Instagram and TikTok accounts, Lakshmi recently told that she doesn't allow her daughter to have social media.

"I took her off of social media, and I have controls on her phone," she said, adding that she's sure she's scrolling on other people's phones.

Lakshmi, 53, spoke about the struggles parents face when it comes to protecting their kids from the negative impacts of social media.

"It is hard, as any parent will tell you, to combat all of the influential forces that prey upon a child's mind, whether you are male or female. It's worse for girls, of course, but I try to combat that."

Padma Lakshmi. (Courtesy Bare Necessities)
Padma Lakshmi. (Courtesy Bare Necessities)

The former "Top Chef" host said she understands the impact of Krishna having "the mom that she has" (that would be model and actress Lakshmi). She started modeling three decades ago, and most recently is the face (and body!) for her new lingerie, swimwear and loungewear line, a collaboration with Bare Necessities.

"She also has a mother that does fittings, and tries to fit into Emmy dresses. She also has a mother who's in Sports Illustrated. That's not easy for her. And I'm very cognizant of that."

She said she tries to keep Krishna separate from that world.

"I have kept her as away from this as I can. Because there'll be time for her to have it," she said. "But I need her to focus on her education, on her talent, on her skills as a musician or whatever she wants to do with her own life."

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