Pacific Tribe That Worships Prince Philip Devastated by Duke's Death

The leader of a Pacific island in the Vanuatu archipelago that worships Prince Philip expressed “regret” on April 11 for the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

In this footage, shot by islander Jean-Pascal Wahe in the Tanna island village of Yaohnanen, Chief Willie Lop says, “We believe in Philip and we have big regret that we lost him,” adding that his people believe Prince Philip was “originally from Tanna.”

“We are very sorry for his death,” he says.

According to British media, the origins of the island’s messianic beliefs in Prince Philip are unclear, but were compounded during a royal visit to Vanuatu in 1974. Following the visit, the Duke agreed to send the villagers a photo of himself posing with a traditional pig-killing club, according to The Guardian.

Wahe told Storyful a ceremony would be held in Yaohnanen on Monday, April 12, to officially mark the passing of Prince Philip. Credit: Jean-Pascal Wahe via Storyful