P!nk’s flying high as visual ‘Trustfall’ tour makes Orlando stop | Review

Pop megastar P!nk is touring in support of her latest album, “Trustfall,” so perhaps it shouldn’t have come as a shock to have the singer make her entrance to the first of two Orlando concerts on Saturday by falling from the rafters of the Amway Center.

Not literally falling, of course, the singer was supported by bungee cords and her aerial exploits were assisted by two shirtless slabs of beefcake.

“Get this party started on a Saturday night,” she sang, lyrics from a hit that caused another shock: the realization that P!nk has been topping the charts for more than two decades (and sold some 60 million albums in that time). Her show opened with three big bangers: “Get the Party Started,” followed by “Raise Your Glass” and “Who Knew.”

“How the hell is everybody?” she asked after that one-two-three-punch. Based on the return roar, it seems safe to say everybody was feeling pretty good.

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The singer promised a party — “We’re not gonna stress or overthink anything,” she promised — and while she avoided saying anything political, she pointedly showed support for her LGBTQ following.

As she sang, “Don’t you ever, ever feel, like you’re less than f…ing perfect,” a rainbow appeared on the screen behind her. And in multiple numbers, her dancers paired up in all gender combinations.

Throughout the evening, the choreography and dancing was a cut above, with a perfect blend of synchronized movement and opportunities for individual interpretation of the music.

The party atmosphere prevailed with all the trappings of a big pop spectacle: confetti, fire jets, smoke plumes, pyrotechnics. For good measure, a pair of pink-flamingo scooters made an appearance. More bizarrely, a rocking “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” was accompanied by a parade of dancers clad in giant-lip costumes.

But P!nk also showed she didn’t necessarily need all those trappings. She was equally compelling, her voice cracking with emotion, as she sang the regretful “Our Song” from her latest album on a near-empty stage, accompanied only by pianist Jason Chapman.

She slipped in other new songs: “Turbulence” was accompanied by another aerial display, “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” inspired a joyful freedom of movement among the dancers.

But the bulk of the show was devoted to P!nk’s huge back catalog of hits.

“A lot of us have grown up together,” she told the audience, before quipping, “… if that’s what we’re doing.”

Other highlights: A fiery “Try,” an acoustic reworking of “Don’t Let Me Get Me” and a country-tinged “When I Get There” followed by a boisterous “I Am Here” that could have been at home at a tent revival.

That all led to the closing “So What,” delivered with defiant energy as P!nk soared all over the arena, up into the highest tiers, like Spider-Man with a dazzling smile and a penchant for confetti.

P!nk tours with two opening acts, and DJ KidCutUp played to the singer’s fan base with a high-energy mix of hits from the past 30 years — think Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Bon Jovi.

The alt-rockers of Grouplove sounded their best when vocalists Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi sang together, giving the group a sound that sets it apart. The crowd responded to such numbers as the opening “Deleter,” a perky “Hello” and the bouncy “Deadline,” as well as “Tongue Tied,” Grouplove’s best-known single.

Hooper promised the crowd that P!nk would provide the “best Saturday night of your lives,” and though that statement set the bar firmly in the realm of hyperbole, P!nk most certainly came through with a Saturday-night spectacle to remember.

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