Owen Wilson Is Paying Child Support For A Child He Has Never Laid Eyes On! Find Out How Much

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"Zoolander" star actor, Owen Wilson is one of the most amazing actors of the century, but that does not come with a doze of public drama every now and then. The recent discovery about his personal life, as regards his child with an estranged woman is one of the most shocking revelations of the century. The ongoing news on social media now is that the actor reportedly coughs out a whooping sum of $36,650 monthly for his child's support. How shocking is this?


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Well, that's not all.

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Wilson and his long-time on and off girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates gave birth to little Lyla Aranya Wilson in 2018. According to Radar Online, the court documents registered that the actor has to pay $36560 every month to the mother of his child. At the end of the year, this monthly payout given by Wilson will amount to $438,720. Also, this will continue for many years to come. Since the birth of little Lyla, there have been controversies between Wilson and his no estranged lover.

According to The Sun, when the child was born in 2018, Wilson declared that he would not accept that the child was his until a DNA test was taken. However, Vongsvirates claimed that the child was his at all cost. After going through a court battle, reports proved that the actor gave $103,128 as a one-off payment to Vongsvirates to pay for a night nurse and labour coach. The amount was also to cover the legal fees and part of the monthly child support he has to pay.

Initially, fans thought that Wilson will fight for custody of his child after the DNA test proved that Lyla was his child, but the actor reportedly ticked the non box for visitation options. It was clear to everyone at that moment that the actor wanted nothing to do with his baby mam and his daughter. The actor is said to have an estimated net worth of $100 million, so it is not surprising that he pays the child support without asking questions.

Wilson and his ex, Vongsvirates were lovers for roughly five years, but their relationship often hit the rocks. However, in 2018, the split up finally and this was when Lyla was born. 35-year-old Vongsvirates who has full custody of Lyla has been given the right by the court to take any decision concerning Lyla's education, welfare, and health. The 1-year-old is the apple of her mother's eyes and fans regularly see pictures of her on Instagram.

Recently in an interview, Vongsvirates disclosed that she was not bothered about the financial support she was getting from Wilson as she also wants him to be a part of Lyla's life.