Over 70 Partygoers In Georgia Arrested For Less Than $200 Worth Of Marijuana

Parents of the partygoers are questioning the intent behind the arrest on New Year's Eve.

By Desire Thompson

Today might’ve marked the first day for the selling of recreational marijuana in California, but a group of people from Cartersville, Georgia were released from jail after they were accused of possession of just under an ounce of Mary Jane.

13WMAZ reports the incident took place in the early hours of New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) when police responded to reports of gunshots at the Morgan Square apartments. Police stumbled upon a lingerie-themed party, with most of the attendees explaining the noise heard was fireworks, not gunshots.

While looking into the case, authorities found less than an ounce of marijuana. With no one claiming the drugs, all of the attendees were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana under 1 oz.

Some parents of the partygoers cried foul at the arrests, claiming that if the incident happened in Atlanta, the attendees would’ve walked away with a ticket. The amount in question would normally lead to a misdemeanor charge in the state, but with no one in true possession of the drug, the arrest is seemingly null and void.

Meanwhile, hundreds of folks in California are feeding the billion-dollar industry by lining up to purchase the drug. According to CNN, the state now joins Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington D.C. and Massachusetts as places that allow the sales of recreational marijuana. State lines may give everyone a different fate when it comes to Mary Jane, include the tax payers who’s money went towards the arrest of the partygoers and the ongoing investigation.

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