Over 26,000 People Lined Up to Buy This Pore Mousse That Sucks Dirt Out of Your Skin

Everyone has their own summertime woes, but one key frustration is the effects of heat and humidity on the skin. Shiny T-zones and clogged pores are super common these days, but luckily, there are brilliant skincare buys out there that help you deal with both.

For clogged pores and visible blackheads, it seems like everyone is rushing to scoop up this Neogen Pore Mousse that sucks the dirt right out of your skin — so much so that it sold out in four hours.

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After amassing a waitlist of more than 26,000 people thanks to an oddly satisfying TikTok video, the Neogen Pore Mousse is finally back in stock, and it’s already flying off the shelves again. That means if your pores are in need of some deep cleaning this time of year, it’s time to act fast.

Upon first glance, you might not expect the whipped facial cleanser to be as powerful as it claims to be — like a vacuum for your skin — but after watching the viral video of The Beauty Spy co-founder Ryan Sullivan using it, it’s clear that it is. Sullivan gently applies the frothy cleanser all over his skin in circular motions, rinses it off, and wipes his face dry with a white towel that is now covered in tons of black specks (read: dirt) the cleanser sucked out from his skin. Uh, talk about satisfying, right?

The Beauty Spy

Buy It! Neogen Pore Mousse, $28; thebeautyspy.com

The Neogen Pore Mousse, which is described as a facial peel that “helps remove dead skin, excess oil, dirt and makeup residue from pores,” doesn’t only seriously deep clean your pores, but it also leaves skin super soft and smooth, making makeup application much easier. It also delivers anti-aging and tightening benefits thanks to a special ingredient derived from purple sea urchins.

If you think this product is too good to be true, we suggest taking a look through the reviews section. Plenty of customers were absolutely blown away by the effectiveness of the Neogen Pore Mousse — and if that’s any indication, we’re betting you will be, too.

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