How Well Does the Cast of 'Outlander' Know Their Own Show? Let's Play Stump the Star!

Outlander is a beloved, immensely popular book series and television show across the globe, and its fans pretty much know every single word that author Diana Gabaldon has written. But how well do the stars of the Starz drama know their own show?

Yahoo TV found out when Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, showrunner Ron Moore, and Gabaldon herself stopped by our Comic-Con studio to play Stump the Star. And we did not hold back the tough questions.

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Balfe was first up and took the easiest quesiton  (according to Heughan): “What does Jamie try to do periodically through several of the books, but he lacks the genetic ability to do it?”

But when it was the handsome Heughan’s turn, he got a doozy about the connection between the New Zealand rugby champions and some of the characters of Outlander.

Watch the video above to see if they got their answers right! Plus, get a mysterious sneak peek at the upcoming second season when the stars play Two Truths and a Lie!