Jamie Tells Claire About the Time He Thought Eating Grass Was a Great Idea in This Deleted 'Outlander' Scene


The end is nigh. The end of Droughtlander, that is. There is but one month left to wait before everyone’s favorite kilty pleasure returns to the Starz Saturday night lineup. Since that month will probably still feel like an eternity to the most steadfast of Heughanots and Claire Bears, Yahoo TV has procured yet another exclusive way to survive the dry spell — two extras from the upcoming Outlander: Season 1, Volume 1 Blu-ray release, which can be obsessively viewed and re-viewed.

The Blu-ray version features 21 deleted scenes from the first eight episodes of the People’s Choice Award winner, including the above alternate take on the Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) barn picnic/shoulder checkup and dressing change scene from her first few days at Castle Leoch. Before Claire learns about the price on Jamie’s head, the wanted man proves he has a sense of humor by sharing his tale of on-the-run cuisine.

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The set also has six all-new featurettes (two of these are also found on the DVD edition) documenting just about every detail of the making of the series, including locations and sets (writer and Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore conducts an in-depth walk-through of the soundstages), costumes, the adaptation process, author Diana Gabaldon’s opinions and involvement, and casting. The second video exclusive, below, is clipped from a larger documentary called “Emerging a Scot: Cast Goes to Boot Camp,” which chronicles the intensive training, from horseback riding to Gaelic lessons, that the cast members endured to find their inner Highlanders and historic heroes.

This segment focuses on the stunt work and fighting philosophies employed on Outlander. Apparently, there is method to the “ear-biting, bollock-kicking” madness of Stephen Walters (Angus) and Grant O’Rourke (Rupert). The clip also reminds us that Jamie is as much a lover as he is a fighter and thathis techniques and choreography were surprisingly inspired by a very different continent than the story’s Scottish setting.

Season 1 of Outlander will resume on Starz on April 4.