Here Are All the Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn on Her Eras Tour (So Far)

what to wear to taylor swift eras concerts based on her performance outfits
What to Wear to Taylor Swift's Eras ConcertDesign by Yoora Kim

Name a pop star that has released as many albums across as many different music genres and style aesthetics as Taylor Swift — yeah, we’ll wait.

If you were one of the lucky handful of fans who scored Eras Tour tickets for the small price of blood, sweat, tears, and literal weeks of paychecks, you probably want to go all out with a fabulous ‘fit worthy of your favorite Taylor Swift era. After all, the Instagram pics of your night with Miss T. are almost as crucial as trading friendship bracelets at the show, prepping for crowd chants, and keeping an eye out for a rare Matty Healy sighting.

Getting dressed for a Taylor Swift concert or an Eras livestream watch party is basically a game of Tag Yourself, Taylor’s Albums edition. Are you an O.G. Speak Now fan who is a hopeless romantic at heart, or a diehard 1989 stan still low-key hoping Harry Styles has been secretly in love with Taylor this entire time? Maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of an all-black Reputation-style slay with snake accessories, or you could even pull out the purple New York University regalia and dress up as Graduation Taylor for the memes. It’s hard to choose just one era, and based on her numerous mid-concert outfit changes, Taylor thinks so, too.

It comes down to how you want to feel for the night — Speak Now royal, sparkly and Fearless, or whimsically Evermore. We’ve put together a complete guide of Taylor Swift concert outfit inspo based on her album aesthetics to help you nail down your ultimate Eras tour outfit.

Fearless (2008)

opening night of taylor swift the eras tour
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Some of Taylor's most well-known songs were released in her Fearless album, from "Love Story" to "You Belong With Me." Step into a time machine and travel all the way back to 2008, where you can rock out with young Taylor in matching fringe dresses and sparkly-heeled boots. A chunky heel is your best bet for dancing all night long sans foot pain.

Speak Now (2010)

taylor swift the eras tour second night
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It's your (and Taylor's) fairytale, we're all just living in it. Taylor has worn multiple incredible ballgowns on tour to sing "Enchanted," and we're considering it full permission to pull up to her concert rocking a dreamy, flowy dress. From fluffy tulle to beads, embroidery, and ruffles, the possibilities are endless.

Red (2012)

taylor swift the eras tour arlington, tx
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🎶 "Who's Taylor Swift, anyways? Ew!" 🎶 Recreate Taylor's cheeky "22" outfit with red heart-shaped sunnies, a black fedora, and a "not a lot going on at the moment" (understatement of the year, TBH) T-shirt. Don't forget the cherry red lipstick, which never goes out of ~style~.

1989 (2014)

opening night of taylor swift the eras tour
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Shiny bling and neon metallics are necessary for ✨ Shaking It Off ✨ to multiple songs from Taylor's full-blown pop debut, 1989. You can recreate an outfit she wore on her 1989 tour with a rainbow bomber jacket and turquoise skater skirt, or go for hot pink sequins like Taylor wore on stage in Arizona.

Reputation (2017)

opening night of taylor swift the eras tour
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The Reputation girlies are not 👏 messing 👏 around 👏. Taylor changed into a one-legged black sequin bodysuit with red snakes to perform "Don't Blame Me," "...Ready For It," "Delicate," and "Look What You Made Me Do." Pay homage to her dark era with snake tights, black sequins, or a Reputation shirt, because you came to slay and you know it.

Lover (2019)

taylor swift the eras tour glendale, az
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The serotonin is real. Lover is filled with bubblegum pop tunes that Taylor has been performing while decked out in iridescent shades of blue, pink, and lavender. Butterfly crop tops or feathered sequins fit the bill, and don't forget to accessorize with a heart purse.

taylor swift
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Or, take a cue from Taylor who popped her glitzy suit jacket over her rainbow bodysuit to perform "The Man". If it's going to be chilly at your concert venue, recreating this outfit is the perfect excuse to wear a jacket. Her red-bottom Louboutins perfectly matched her signature red lippie, so don't forget the lipstick.

Folklore (2020)

taylor swift the eras tour second night
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The word "cardigan" was never the same again after the release of Folklore. If it looks like the weather is going to be chilly on the day of your Taylor Swift concert, a knit varsity cardigan is an authentic move. Otherwise, take a cue from Taylor's performance outfit and go for a flowy, ethereal dress in muted shades of purple, green, or cream.

Evermore (2020)

opening night of taylor swift the eras tour
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Taylor changed into a mustard yellow corset dress to serenade the audience with "Champagne Problems" (played on a woodsy, moss-covered piano, no less) along with a handful of other songs from her second album of 2020. A velvet, corduroy, or suede jumper dress is the perfect Evermore vibe — or, braid your hair back into a single braid and pop on a plaid shacket to recreate the Evermore album cover.

Midnights (2022)

opening night of taylor swift the eras tour
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Meet Taylor at midnight by dressing like the darkest night sky speckled with stars and glitter. Whether it's a star-themed dress or a multicolor sequin jumpsuit, the Midnights aesthetic is blinged-out and glitzy — fringe is optional, but fully recommended. Or, take things down the "Lavender Haze" route with a purple fur coat over a shimmery mini dress.

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