Other Ways We’d Love To See NeNe Leakes Return To Reality TV

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
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NeNe Leakes might have walked away from Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she’s still out there, making her coin. Case in point, NeNe scored herself a gig with the Zeus Network. She hosted the Baddies East reunion and it was a hit!

Listen, it’s not hard to love NeNe. She made us laugh throughout multiple conflicts on RHOA because her reads and hot takes were always on point. Personally speaking typing, some of my most-used memes and one-liners typically involve NeNe’s influence(s), so I guess you could say that she and I are besties. Call me, NeNe.

While I wait for Linnethia Monique Leakes to reach out, her latest gig has gotten me thinking. How else could NeNe involve herself with the (mostly) non-scripted world this year? And now, I’ve got some answers, because I’ve got the time, and I’m ready to speak for my people. With that in mind, here are a few other ways that NeNe could return to reality TV in the future.

NeNe Could Write for Reality Tea

Hear me out, NeNe’s Tea. This is a long shot, but we are dreamers, so NeNe, if you are reading this, and if you’d like a gig on a different side of the reality television spectrum, perhaps you’d consider joining us here at Reality Tea? I mean, you could write and quip about your favorite (or least favorite) reality television stars, eh? Likely not, aware, but NeNe, slide into our DM’s later if we are wrong; we’ve got you. Listen, it’s a joke but can’t hurt to try, right?

NeNe and Fredrik Eklund Could Create a New Series

At first glance, NeNe’s socials look like one big, successful thirst trap. Yet, as most sleuths know, the goods go down in the DM’s and in the reactions. Now, I won’t break into NeNe’s inbox, but in the comments section of this post, another one of our favorite Bravo stars, Fredrik Eklund, was seen, shooting his shot. We can’t help but think that these two could easily team up, creating the comedic relief and release that we all desperately need right now.

In NeNe’s audience engagement-styled question, she asked, “When you go out to dinner by yourself, do you sit at a table or the bar?” Here, Fredrik replied, “You sit with me.” Seriously, we could watch these two sipping drinks every week, ranting and raving about all things reality television. They could even discuss real life-related topics, like parenting, love, heartbreak, anything, we don’t care, we just want to see them together.

For another option, NeNe could even get her real estate license and join Fredrik’s team. She could also just be his assistant, working whenever she damn well pleases. Either way, we just think that their two very specific brands of humor would combine to create comedy gold. So attention all networks, any reality TV concept involving both Fredrik and NeNe, we’ll support.

Real Housewives in Court, Starring NeNe

Ms. Pat Settles It is a series on BET+. In this, comedian Patricia Williams rules on various real-life cases, using a jury of her funny friends and her chosen guest comics to help move each episode along. Awesomely, NeNe filmed an episode for this series as a plaintiff, and y’all, she ate. As for her case, NeNe claimed that she lost out on a role to Tami Roman, so she and Tami hysterically duked it out in Ms. Pat’s courtroom.

“She’s been stealing from me all of her life, Your Honor,” NeNe quipped. In response, The Honorable Ms. Pat reminded NeNe that Tami actually started her reality series, Basketball Wives, causing Tami to walk around her podium with her head held high, saying, “Go on and tell the people what they need to know.” This saw NeNe really leaning into her role to adequately clap back at her opponent. Now, we need a courtroom-based reality TV series, where the various squabbles on Real Housewives are fleshed out by NeNe.

NeNe Could Revamp Last Comic Standing

We already know that NeNe has the chops to make us laugh on her non-scripted series. Yet, she was also deemed funny enough to have been chosen as a host for the Dubai Comedy Festival. Do you guys remember the now-defunct series, Last Comic Standing? We do, and we also now think that NeNe could help to bring this series back, hosting and introducing each new comic as they step on her stage, hoping to break into the world of comedy.

Nene Could Also Just Return to RHOA

Out of all of the former Real Housewives that we’d like to see again, NeNe sits at the top. We know that she and Bravo had a falling out over her claims of working in a toxic, racially insensitive workplace.

Perhaps it’s time for NeNe to make her return to RHOA if the environment has truly been corrected. Unfortunately, as far as we know, NeNe nuked every last remaining bridge headed to Bravo, so we’ll wait to see what she comes up with next.


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