Other Reality TV Shows Monica Garcia Should Go On

Monica Garcia RHOSLC Season 4 reunion
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Whether you love her, or you wish to leave her stranded alone on a snowy mountain peak in Utah, there’s no question about it; Monica Garcia nailed her first season on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Now hear me out. I get that Monica planned, plotted, and schemed her way to the top. However, it worked, as Monica nabbed the seat right next to Bravo‘s daddy, Andy Cohen, at her very first reunion.

When Monica debuted, she behaved like she didn’t know anything about her new co-stars. Likewise, she even claimed that she had never visited Meredith Marks‘ store. Basically, throughout RHOSLC Season 4, Monica acted fake af. Yet, she was secretly very clued in.

In the Season 4 finale, Heather Gay dropped one of the most shocking, amazing, iconic bombshells ever. In March of 2021, Monica started a little side hustle called Reality Von Tease. This is an online account that Monica created to help take down Jen Shah. Eventually, Monica used this Finsta to come for the other ladies heads as well.

Recently, news broke that Monica will not be returning to RHOSLC. This got us thinking about what Monica’s next gig could be now that the Real Housewives franchise is behind hr. Therefore, we came up with a few other reality television shows that Monica should star on next. We’re nothing but helpful, aware.

Also, to the producers of Bad Girls Club, if you decide to un-cancel yourself, call Monica!

Big Brother

Big Brother has 25 seasons of chaos and mayhem under its belt. For Season 26, Monica could appear as one of the new Houseguests. She’d study the heck out of every competition and strategic move made by each season’s winners, all in order to win the hefty grand prize at the very end. Y’all, Monica could buy so many designer handbags with that $750K cash prize…

If this is a series that you’ve never watched, here’s a quick overview. Roughly 12-18 Houseguests enter into a house that is completely cut off from the outside world. Inside, they plot and scheme and compete to be the last person standing, which earns them a much fatter bank account. Overall, Monica has the skills needed to win this reality television series, but she’d need to play things kindly with her co-stars, who are not all villains, in order to avoid an early elimination.

House of Villains

House of Villains Season 1 was ridiculous. Every single cast member on this series is known to be a messy human from each of their respective reality television series. Therefore, when the green lights on all of the cameras turn on, all parties involved turn up. We’ve seen Monica face many heated confrontations head-on without shrinking or backing down, so in terms of holding her ground amongst so many similarly-minded personalities, she’d likely thrive.

Inside of their lux mansion, these characters quickly form alliances, which they break when the right time hits. This is all in an effort to win the grand prize of $200K at the end of the season. Now, Monica would have to play nice just a little bit with her co-stars, but, as everyone on House of Villains is playing the same long con game that Monica’s already mastered, we think that her chances of winning this reality TV series could be pretty high.

Special Forces

We all watched Tom Sandoval attempt to cry and sweat his way to redemption on Special Forces Season 1. Yet, JoJo Siwa still had to carry his depleted self away from a mission, because, bless his heart, he couldn’t hack it. While we don’t know how physically strong Monica is, we do know that if she wishes to rehab her image, she has a lot to prove. Therefore, Special Forces could be a place for Monica to start.

“You’ll be a changed person. For damned sure, you’ll be a better person,” the Season 1 trailer narrates. Within, 16 cast members compete in grueling, life-changing missions underneath the watchful eyes of ex-Special Forces soldiers. This is all in an effort to exit this series as a better, stronger human. While there’s no cash prize on this reality TV show, Monica could learn a bit more about herself on this series, which is always a win.

The Traitors

On The Traitors, every single cast member is known for their strategic, often diabolical minds. This series is exactly what it sounds like, just in case you’ve never watched. There are a few Traitors, and then the rest are labeled as Faithfuls, but within, no one knows who is assigned to each role. Monica has already been labeled as a traitor by her RHOSLC co-stars, so this reality TV show is kinda perfect for her next gig.

The goal on The Traitors is to discern who you can trust, all while portraying yourself as a Faithful, honest star. As Monica has already deceived one cast, all that she would need to do here is avoid her secrets being discovered, as that would see her being banished by her fellow competitors. If she can pull that off, she’d stand to win a cash prize of $250K. Honestly, Monica could win The Traitors, and we think that it’s a great additional reality television series for her to pursue.

The Bachelor

Hear us out on this one. Monica could be the next woman fighting to win the heart of a random guy over on The Bachelor. As we all know, Monica is now divorced, and every season of The Bachelor has several random pot-stirrers in the cast. Due to this, Monica could help to spice up her season, all while fighting for love on this other reality TV series.


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