Oscar De La Hoya Sued By Famous Radio DJ, Claims 'Intoxicated' Boxer Forced Him Into Compromising Situations

Mike Walters

Oscar De La Hoya has been sued by a famous radio DJ who claims while working for the boxer he was forced into illicit activities, including having to save Oscar's life while he was intoxicated on multiple substances.

According to the suit, obtained by The Blast, David "Tattoo" Gonzalez was hired in 2010 by the boxer to launch 'Golden Boy Radio' and other entertainment projects for his company.

Tattoo claims that he was thrust into a hostile working environment, where he was forced to do crazy things for the boxer that were not normal for his position as a radio DJ.

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In the suit, filed by celebrity attorney Greg Kirakosian, Gonzalez says, "starting in 2015, De La Hoya also began to abuse his position as (Tattoo's) employer by improperly demanding that Plaintiff perform a wide range of highly personal, improper, and illicit non-work-related duties at De La Hoyas request and on his behalf."

He continued, "Among various things, on countless occasions over the course of over three years, De La Hoya would contact (Tattoo) at all hours of the night in need of help from various compromising situations and, in most cases, assisting a De La Hoya out of life-threatening situations while he was highly intoxicated and under the influence of various substances."

De La Hoya admitted in an FBI investigation last year, to using cocaine and alcohol, after someone attempted to extort the boxing champ for millions of dollars.

The DJ claims that De La Hoya forced him to work over 12-hour days, and essentially to be "on-call at all hours and upon De La Hoyas request."

Also, in the filing, the DJ says he was misclassified as an independent contractor and wasn't properly paid for meal breaks and overtime.

He says Golden Boys conduct was "immoral, unethical, oppressive, and unscrupulous."

Tattoo claims he resigned from the position after the boxer forced him to work an event, even after he was hospitalized with broken ribs after a bad car accident.

"Golden Boy demanded that he continue to work and threatened him with termination if he did not continue to work...(Tattoo) felt compelled to attend Golden Boy events up to and including events...and was even required to drive injured for hundreds of miles to a Golden Boy event in Coachella Valley," the documents explain.

He claims now he suffers from, "a loss of appetite, nervousness, anxiety, emotional breakdowns, constant lack of sleep, headaches, stomach pain, overwhelming stress and other symptoms associated with depression, such as feelings of helplessness, sadness, lack of energy, and lack of self-esteem."

David "Tattoo" Gonzalez is suing for infliction of emotional distress and unfair, unlawful, business practices, and wants no less than $10,000 per claim.