'Orphan Black': Vote for the best clone

Attention Clone Clubbers: The series finale of Orphan Black airs Saturday, Aug. 12, on BBC America. All this week, we’re celebrating (and mourning) the impending end of our favorite clone saga, and we can’t do it without your help! Check back every day to vote for your favorite scenes, characters, and clones in a variety of categories.

Every parent knows that you’re not supposed to pick a favorite child. But nobody said anything about picking a favorite clone. Over the course of five seasons, Orphan Black introduced us to a number of memorable members of the Leda family tree, from Ukrainian assassins to Canadian soccer moms. Now’s your chance to vote for the one you think is truly deserving of “Best Clone” status from the eight below. One word of warning: If you don’t vote for Helena, she might get angry. And you won’t like her if she’s angry.

(Photo: BBC America)
Photo: BBC America

This uptight, Type A suburban mom has proved that she isn’t just good at crafting — she’s also crafty as hell. She can orchestrate a murder cover-up as efficiently as the community theater musical. Alison has the sweetest relationship on the show with husband Donnie, she’s fiercely loyal to her sisters, and her storyline has been an absorbing and often hilarious roller coaster of drug dealing, school board campaigning, and body burying. Felix loves her — ’nuff said. — Kelly Woo

(BBC America)
BBC America

Not only is there a brilliant mind underneath those dreads and behind those black-rimmed glasses, but also Cosima has the biggest heart among the clones. The punk scientist isn’t afraid to push and ask questions, even when it lands her in hot water (or Westmoreland’s basement). Her journey on the show has been the most heart-wrenching, too, as we saw Cosima struggle with being sick and fall in love with Delphine. — KW

(Photo: BBC America)
Photo: BBC America

It may not have been apparent in the beginning, but over the past five seasons it’s become very clear that there’s a method to Helena’s madness. Raised as a clone assassin, she’s since evolved into one of the biggest cheerleaders of Leda “sestrahood,” and she draws much of her personal strength from fighting for her sisters rather than simply for herself. She’s also hands-down the funniest member of the Clone Club, not to mention its best warrior. — Ethan Alter

(Photo: Ken Woroner/BBC America)
Photo: Ken Woroner/BBC America

The empty-headed manicurist-turned-beauty-vlogger comes across as a total joke — and yet she has inadvertently stumbled onto some of the most revealing secrets. Even Sarah marveled at Krystal’s penchant for falling “arse-backwards into something big.” She may not have smarts, but she’s got plenty of bravery, whether she’s infiltrating Brightborn or seducing a cosmetics exec with connections to Dyad. And of course, she always looks fabulous. — KW

(Photo: BBC America)
Photo: BBC America

Despite her tragic life, and even more tragic death, M.K., aka Veera Suominen, was nobody’s victim. In fact, she was fighting back against her Neolution creators long before the Clone Club was formed, using her hacking skills to gather intel that she initially leaked to Beth, before later coming to the aid of Sarah, Cosima, and Alison. When the book about the fall of Neolution is written, she’ll absolutely merit her own chapter. — EA

(Photo: BBC America)
Photo: BBC America

As the only “pro clone,” Rachel had a cold, clinical upbringing, so it’s no wonder that she grew up to be a bitch. But she is a badass bitch who can command board meetings, bully scientists, and make a ruthless fixer like Ferdinand quiver. She was a villain for many seasons, but she also proved that she had a heart when it came time to subject Kira to medical invasion. And she also proved that she had nerves of steel by gouging out her own eye to escape Westmoreland’s spying. — KW

(Photo: Ken Woroner/BBC AMERICA)
Photo: Ken Woroner/BBC AMERICA

Orphan Black‘s central heroine is brave and foolhardy, kind and selfish, thoughtful and careless. At the same time, that wild mix of emotions and mental states is precisely what makes her deeply, irrevocably human. She’s the perfect everywoman — or, if you prefer, everyclone — to pull you into this world and keep you invested. — EA

Photo: BBC America
Photo: BBC America

He was only in one episode, but Tony Sawicki made an immediate impression as Orphan Black‘s first (and only) transgender clone. His presence, and comfort in his own skin, spoke to the show’s overarching theme that we as individuals — not anyone else — get to choose our own identities … and bodies. — EA

The Orphan Black series finale airs Saturday at 10 p.m. on BBC America.

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