'Orphan Black' Preview: 'Fans Are Gonna Go Crazy'

·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Being part of the Clone Club can be a dangerous business, both on and off-screen. That’s why the male stars of Orphan BlackJordan Gavaris, Kristian Bruun and Kevin Hanchard — are extra cautious when discussing the show’s top-secret fourth season with Yahoo TV. “What can we say without being shot?” Gavris says, half-jokingly. “Yeah, we have snipers trained on us,” Bruun chimes in. Again, we’re pretty sure he’s joking. (At least, we hope so.)

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Thankfully, the three actors were able to tease some of what’s in store for their characters in Season 4 without any bullets flying. Gavaris, for example, hints that Felix has been pursuing a personal mission outside of any Clone Club-related activities. Meanwhile, Bruun provides a status update on Helena’s suburban sojourn with Alison and Donnie (hint: it’s about as wild as you’d expect), and Hanchard says that Art’s suspension from the police force is over and he’s getting back to business. They also promise that fans will go “crazy” for the season premiere, which gets back to the show’s dark and scary roots. “The cool thing about Season 4 is we get a lot of answers, answers I feel like we’ve been working toward since the very first season,” Gavaris adds.

Speaking of answers, watch the below video to see the cast ace our very own Orphan Black game show, “Orphan Black or B.S.” Hanchard played our Alex Trebek, quizzing his co-stars with true-or-false trivia from past seasons. There was no fooling the dynamic duo of Felix and Donnie, though. They knew the answer to every question, save for the last one, which we won’t spoil here. Let’s just say it’s an Art Bell special.

Orphan Black premieres Apr. 14 at 10 p.m. on BBC America