‘Orphan Black’ Cast Reveals What They Took From Set

For fans and cast members alike, parting from a long-running series is such sweet sorrow. But that sorrow can be partially alleviated if you have a cool souvenir to take with you. And Orphan Black makeup artist Stephen Lynch made sure that the show’s star, Tatiana Maslany, went home with a particularly meaningful parting gift. “He gave me pieces of each of the clones in this cute little box that had the original Polaroid that we took of them,” the actress tells Yahoo TV. “I think there’s a Tony picture with his tooth, there’s Cosima and her nose ring, and Krystal and her nail. It’s all these first images of these characters when we first conceived them.”

(Designed by Quinn Lemmers/Yahoo TV)
(Designed by Quinn Lemmers/Yahoo TV)

The Orphan Black men, meanwhile, claimed artwork and clothing, although Kristian Bruun — who plays suburban dad Donnie Hendrix — had to be forced to take the latter. “Since they seemed to have raided my stepfather’s closet for my wardrobe, I chose not to. Yet I still got a bag delivered to my home with a whole bunch of Donnie clothes! I’m like, ‘I’m never going to wear these!'”

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on BBC America.

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