Orlando Brown Kicked Out Of TAO In L.A. After Outburst: “I Am Satan And Lucifer’s Son”

Controversial actor Orlando Brown has made headlines again, this time for harassing a restaurant server and claiming to be the devil.

Per TMZ, the That’s So Raven star was kicked out of TAO in Los Angeles on Sunday (Jan. 28) after having a bizarre outburst, where he called an employee a “child molester” and the serial killer “Richard Ramirez.”

“Get behind me, Satan. I’m Jesus. Get the F**k out of here, Satan,” he could be heard and seen yelling at the server in a recording. As the 36-year-old exited the restaurant, he shouted, “I am Satan and Lucifer’s son. F**k everybody.”

However, he did apologize to onlookers who were trying to enjoy their evening dinner.

Per the outlet, Brown began his erratic behavior at his own table, and then began disturbing other patrons. As staff tried to calm him down, his behavior grew even more bizarre, causing him to stand on his seat and begin his rant.

Brown has been suspected to have mental health issues, along with a history of substance abuse. However, last year The Proud Family voice actor claimed to have sobered up. In a TikTok video posted in September 2023, Brown surprised his mother with a visit and a bouquet of flowers, and declared his sobriety.

“I am on CLOUDS RIGHT NOOOOW!!,” the woman could be heard saying. “My son and his beautiful family surprised me yesterday AHHHHHHHHH!!!, WHAT JOY I FEEL right now. Orlando, it felt like old times. The laughter, memories and stories lol lol!!! Thank you for thinking of me. What joy joy joy.. Lord I thank you and love you SO much!!!”

In the video, his mother teased him about coughing and claimed it could “only be two things,” to which Brown declared, “No! I don’t smoke no more dope.”

He’s also credited his wife and the church for helping him kick his habits. According to BCK, Brown made a revelation at a church fundraising event in 2021. “My name is Orlando Brown. You may know me from a little show from back in the day called That’s So Raven,” he began. “I went through a lot. I experimented with crystal meth, with weed. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was addicted to the internet. All kinds of stuff.”

“My fiancée told me about this place and when I came it was amazing,” he continued. “I had a blast. These brothers accepted me for who I am. Church is lovely. All the leaders are brilliant, they’re geniuses and men of God.”

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