O‘Reilly Accuser Explains Allegations in First Television Appearance

Bill O’Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess made her first television appearance on The View on Thursday, where she further explained her accusations toward the now former Fox News anchor. Burgess was a temp worker at Fox News when, she said, O’Reilly sexually harassed her. According to Burgess, the harassment included his grunting at her and leering at her, as well as O’Reilly making inappropriate comments, at least one of which went beyond sexual harassment.

Bill O’Reilly (Photo: Newscom)
Bill O’Reilly (Photo: Newscom)

“I’m just sitting there minding my business and he walks past and says, ‘Hey, Hot Chocolate.’ But he didn’t look at me when he said it. And I didn’t respond. I was mortified because not only was it sexual, I took that as a very plantation remark,” Burgess said of one incident.

Burgess didn’t file a complaint against O’Reilly at Fox because she wasn’t technically an employee. Nor did she file a complaint with her temp agency, which had a lot of people working at Fox, because she didn’t want to damage the agency’s relationship with Fox. But she did take to Twitter in both 2010 and 2014 expressing her feelings toward O’Reilly in no uncertain terms.

When asked about President Trump’s defense of O’Reilly, Burgess said she was mortified that such a powerful person would defend such indefensible behavior. Burgess’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, who also represents two other O’Reilly accusers took it a step further in regards to President Trump.

“What Trump said was, ‘I don’t think he did anything wrong,’ He didn’t say, ‘I don’t think he did it.’ He doesn’t think sexual harassment is wrong. He’s made that very clear,” Bloom said.

Bloom also was sure to point out that none of the accusers she represents are seeking any money whatsoever, saying that it was a boost to their credibility.

O’Reilly was recently let go by Fox amid multiple sexual assault allegations. Burgess described how she felt when she heard the news, using only one word: triumphant.

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