Orange Cassidy Draws His Entrance Graphics, Many Were Fast & Furious Inspired

orange cassidy
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling
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Orange Cassidy is all about family.

At the AEW Full Gear post-show media scrum, Orange Cassidy was asked where the idea for his entrance video came from.

“I drew them. We have a great graphics department, and they’re incredible. They do incredible work, and they get very frustrated with me because I draw stuff and ask them to put it on the screens. When they say, ‘Are you sure?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ They’re like, ‘I feel like we should make you an entrance video.’

The AEW All-Atlantic Champion said that a lot of his drawings were inspired by the Fast & Furious film franchise, although some of them didn’t make the final cut.

“I make most of my own merch, but they’re on my phone, and I sent them over. I was in a hotel room, and I drew a bunch of stick figures. A lot of them were Fast-and-Furious inspired, with me hanging from a helicopter and jumping down to another car and running over the car, jumping off the car, over a bridge onto a boat. They couldn’t do that. But they did draw me with stick figures because I thought it would be appropriate for who I am.”

Orange Cassidy successfully defended his AEW All-Atlantic Championship against Jon Moxley at AEW Full Gear. Catch up on our coverage of AEW Full Gear here.

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