Open Secret: Victoria’s Secret Taps UFC Star Rose Namajunas, Singer Brittney Spencer for ‘Boundary-Breaking’ Campaign

Allow Victoria’s Secret to reintroduce itself.

The popular clothing and beauty brand has launched a new campaign to redefine Victoria’s Secret for a new generation of customers. Appropriately dubbed “Undefinable,” the campaign features both A-list models like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, and “boundary breaking changemakers” like singer Brittney Spencer, Paralympic athlete Femita Ayanbeku and UFC star Rose Namajunas.

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In addition to showcasing different ideals of beauty, Victoria’s Secret says each of the campaign stars demonstrate that “women are undefinable by anyone but themselves.” For Namajunas, who last fought at UFC 274, appearing in a Victoria’s Secret campaign was a chance to live out a life-long dream.

“As long as I could remember, I was a fan of VS,” the two-time UFC Strawweight Champ tells Rolling Stone. “I remember watching the [Victoria’s Secret] Angels and the fashion shows — those days were some of the most exciting times in the Nineties,” she says. “It is pretty amazing that now I am one of those women I used to look up to in a unique way.”

Spencer, meantime, says she jumped at the opportunity to help showcase a new type of beauty — and body — for the VS brand. “There’s so much freedom found in just being comfortable with yourself and I find it really beautiful watching the fashion industry make space for all different body types to be celebrated,” says the country singer, who cites Tyra Banks as an early role model. “When Victoria’s Secret asked me to be part of their Undefinable campaign, it was a no brainer.”

While Victoria’s Secret was once known primarily for lingerie, the company has added sportswear and athleisure-style pieces to its offerings in recent years, while its VS PINK brand has a full range of apparel, accessories and even a “gender free” collection. Both Namajunas and Spencer say they welcome the continued diversity in fashion, which they hope will let young fans know that there is no “one way” to look or express themselves.

“This partnership between myself and VS dispels the myth that women look better with tons of makeup or a bunch of fake stuff,” Namajunas says. “Being a fighter has changed my physique for better or for worse, but I am confident nonetheless. That is the most important thing when it comes to beauty and being attractive.”

“There are many different perceptions of female UFC athletes,” the MMA star adds, “but I wouldn’t be successful if I spent time paying attention to them.

Brittney Spencer victoria's secret
Brittney Spencer victoria's secret

Says Spencer: “It’s definitely a journey learning to be confident in your own skin [and] I’m still on that journey. For me right now, confidence looks like learning to not hide my body.”

While Victoria’s Secret has had its share of controversies over the years, the company’s new leadership says they’re committed to turning the tide, both with its offerings and its campaigns.

“We are not here to dictate how to define beauty for anyone but instead we are here to celebrate how they define beauty on their own terms,” says Victoria’s Secret EVP and Creative Director Raúl Martinez, in a statement. “This particular campaign goes beyond one season – and is about our ongoing commitment to celebrating all women and every unique layer that makes them who they are.”

Spencer says her campaign shoot was the perfect way to bridge the gap between the VS she grew up with, and the brand’s new direction: “Being able to shoot photos for this campaign felt nostalgic, new and fresh all at once.”

You can see more from Victoria’s Secret’s “Undefinable” campaign online at Spencer, meantime, has a new live EP out later this month, titled If I Ever Get There.

And in true “undefinable” fashion, Namajunas says she’s not sure what her plans are just yet in UFC though she’d like to try out another sport: “I would like to compete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu,” she reveals, “and see what happens from there.”

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