Oops! Mom realizes she’s been celebrating her son’s birthday on the wrong day

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Courtesy Emily Vondrachek

Mom brain is no joke.

Emily Vondrachek, who has four kids under 5, is sharing a hilarious story about getting her son’s birth date wrong … for two years in a row.

“Here’s a little story to allow all the moms of little ones out there to maybe feel a little better about yourselves,” the Minnesota mom began a now-viral TikTok video. “Here’s a real confidence boost for you.”

In the clip, Vondrachek said that she received a phone call from the pediatrician’s office explaining that they were having trouble billing her 3-year-old's last visit. The reason? The date of birth they had on file for Henry didn’t match the insurance company’s.

“My son’s birthday is the 26th — I’m his mother, I know his birthday,” Vondrachek recalled telling the receptionist.

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“I’m about to call up my insurance company to let them have it and I say, ‘Maybe I should scroll back on Facebook to look at the birth announcement years ago to make sure.’”

And that’s when Vondrachek realized that Henry was actually born, not on Feb. 26, but on Feb. 25.

“And you want to know the worst part?” she laughed. “It’s my middle child!”

For anyone doubting the story, Vondrachek shared Facebook tributes written on what she thought was Henry’s birthday.

“I called the receptionist back and we were both laughing so hard,” Vondrachek told TODAY Parents.

Vondrachek, who is also mom of Johnny, 5, Nora, 2, and 4-month-old Olive, noted that Henry’s due date was Feb. 26.

“Maybe that’s why I got it wrong,” she said. “But who knows. I’m exhausted.”

Vondrachek plans to go all out for Henry’s 4th birthday next month.

“Henry wants an Iron Man-Hulk party,” she shared. “He’s specifically requested a red Hulk, not a green Hulk. I have no idea how I’m going to make that happen — but for my middle child I will do anything.”

Comments continue to pour in on Vondrachek's video. And it turns out, she isn't alone.

"One year my mother sang Happy birthday to Allison... My name is Ashley. I'm an only child," one person wrote.

Added another, "I had my middle child's birth month wrong for over a year. Who knew August was the 8th month, not the 9th."

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