Oneohtrix Point Never Is Selling His Replica Sampler

Daniel Lopatin’s synths, speakers, and other gear will go on sale May 7 via Reverb

Daniel Lopatin (better known as Oneohtrix Point Never) is getting rid of some things. More specifically: synthesizers, samplers, speakers, and other pieces of gear he’s used over the past decade to create his music. Today, the producer announced he is the latest artist to partner with gear marketplace site Reverb to launch an official shop. Among the items for sale is a Roland SP-555 sampler that Lopatin used extensively on his 2011 album Replica. It will be sold pre-loaded with a memory card containing some of the samples used on that album and subsequent live performances.

“The proceeds from my Reverb Shop will help us to embark on building a new, more permanent studio space,” Lopatin said in a press release. “Thanks for supporting independent studios and shopping secondhand.”

Other items on sale are an Alesis ION Synthesizer from the early 2000s (complete with Loptain’s own synth patches), Focal Solo 6 Be studio monitors (used to mix every OPN project since 2013’s R Plus Seven), a rare Technics SX-WSA1 Synthesizer, and more. The Oneohtrix Point Never Reverb Shop will go live Tuesday, May 7, but you can preview some of the items now.

See the video.