‘One Piece’ Stars Iñaki Godoy & Jacob Romero Tease Season 2, Hope For “Bigger Creatures” & Urge Danny DeVito To Guest Star

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In what was probably their first Hollywood red carpet appearance post-strike, One Piece cast members Iñaki Godoy and Jacob Romero showed up at the premiere for Netflix’s new live-action series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and teased where season 2 could go.

While the duo largely remained mum on start of production plans for Season 2, which is expected to begin filming relatively soon, and whether they have seen scripts. One Piece co-showrunner Matt Owens told Deadline back in October that the Season 2 writers room had met briefly before the WGA strike, with the team getting into writing scripts after the end of the work stoppage this past fall. Romero confirmed the Straw Hats’ mission next season.

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“Absolutely, we’re headed to the Grand Line,” beamed the actor who plays the slingshot master Usopp and colleague to Godoy’s protagonist, stretchy limb pirate Monkey D. Luffy. This jibes with what Owen told us as well; Luffy bound to deal with his newfound notorious fame as a wanted pirate.

Romero also adds, he’d like to see a season 2 with “bigger creatures and more friends.”

While Owen is looking to meet Jamie Lee Curtis’ public lobby to play Dr. Kureha, Godoy and Romero also have a dream guest star appearance for season 2.

“Danny DeVito!” they both shouted last night.

“We would love to find a way to put Danny DeVito in,” Romero told Deadline.

“Just come here man!” said Godoy shouting out to DeVito, “I want to do anything with Danny DeVito.”

Talking about their characters’ talents, Romero says that for Usopp, he learned his slingshot skills “for the job, but I’m also a slingshot expert in real life.”

If Godoy had Luffy’s ability to stretch his arms in real-life, “I’d pick up the remote from the corner of my seat without standing up” as well as “give really long high fives.”

The actors also spoke about staying in touch with their co-stars on the show and enjoying the series’ breakout success.

By the beginning of October, after dropping on Netflix on Aug. 31, One Piece had racked up 57.8M global views on the service.

“I’m so excited, it’s going to be so much fun,” Godoy said about Season 2.

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