One Piece Film: Red: Did Uta Die in the Movie?

One Piece Film: Red: Did Uta Die in the Movie?
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One Piece Film: Red is the latest film in the One Piece series, making it the 15th movie overall. It features Uta, the world’s greatest singer. Fans might be wondering what really happened to her by the end of the film. Here is a guide on whether Uta died in One Piece Film: Red.

Did Uta die in One Piece Film: Red?

There was no confirmation on whether Uta was alive or dead by the end of One Piece Film: Red. Although, there is a heavy implication that she did die because of the Wake-shrooms.

Wake-shrooms are poisonous mushrooms that let a person stay awake for as long as the person eats them. The person stays awake even if they do something that usually tires them out. However, there’s a downside. If the person who ate Wake-shrooms eventually stops eating them, they’re going to die.

Uta ate the Wake-shrooms to keep herself awake so she could keep her power active for as long as she liked. Eventually, Uta suffered from the Wake-shrooms’ bad effects. Shanks gave her something to drink that would put her to sleep, but she refused. She had to keep singing to get the others’ souls out of Uta World. At this point, Uta was already very weak.

By the end of the movie, the Red Hair Pirates are sailing away. There’s a brief shot of them surrounding what looks like a coffin with a Jolly Roger flag on top of it. Uta is nowhere to be found in the shot, so it’s easy to assume that’s probably her in the coffin.

Meanwhile, creator Eiichiro Oda confirmed Uta’s unknown status in Red in an audio commentary.

Is Uta actually Shanks’ daughter?

Uta is Shanks’ adopted daughter. Shanks treats her and considers her a part of the family. He discovered two-year-old Uta in a treasure chest after a pirate crew attacked her hometown and took her away. Uta is the Red Hair Pirates’ musician.

Is Uta canon in One Piece?

Uta is a canon character in One Piece. However, the events of One Piece Film: Red are non-canon. Going with the implication that Uta died in the movie, you could say that Uta’s death was non-canon since her existence is canon.

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