One dead and six hurt in shooting at memorial for man killed in car crash

A 25-year-old woman was killed and six others were left injured in Chicago after shots rang out during a remembrance for the death anniversary of a man who died in a car crash.

Bystanders told the Chicago Police Department that the altercation unfolded around 1am on Sunday in the 4800 block of West Iowa Street in Austin. The group was gathered to celebrate the fourth-year anniversary of a man’s death in a traffic accident, ABC News reported.

Seven victims were wounded in the shooting. A woman was transported to Mt Sinai Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The ages of the other victims injured range from 17 to 19. Authorities have said that the person or people who opened fire were present at the memorial. Police began an investigation but did not take anyone into custody as of Sunday evening.

“They were out there celebrating and then something happened and a verbal altercation occurred and somebody began shooting, or multiple people began shooting,” deputy chief Adnardo Gutierrez said during a press conference on Sunday.

A witness told ABC 7 that she became concerned long before the shooting broke out, noting that the street was too crowded.

The shooting  broke out during a remembrance for the death of a man (ABC)
The shooting broke out during a remembrance for the death of a man (ABC)

“It was totally fine. They were just laughing, dancing, talking. Just having a good time. They were just having fun. I just wanted it broke up because there were so many. It was too many. It was at least 100 kids out,” Yvette McCalum said. “You couldn’t get down the block. You couldn’t park anywhere. They were in the alley.”

“They had the alley blocked off, and I told them all this on the phone. This could have been avoided.”

One eyewitness, Michelle Barnes, told the Chicago Tribune that she had called the police to report what she said was a chaotic crowd at 10pm, 11.05pm and at around 12.30am as well.

“I’m frustrated with the police. I’m frustrated with the alderman. I’m frustrated with everybody. Because it’s ridiculous,” she said. “When you call, they don’t come like there’s a problem.”

Barnes’ neighbour Larell Steel also said her sister and other residents made repeated calls to the police before the shooting.

“Everybody on this block called them to get them kids,” she said. “This could’ve been prevented. This could’ve been prevented if they just came and broken them kids up.”