One Dead, 52 Rescued After Boat Capsizes on Texas Lake

An 80-year-old man died after a party boat capsized on Lake Conroe, Texas, on August 14, authorities said.

Kayla Mills recorded footage of the tragic event. Her video shows the double-decker boat wobbling on the waves prior to capsizing. Later, the half-submerged boat can be seen as passengers are being rescued.

The boat ran into trouble and capsized shortly after 8 pm due to a powerful thunderstorm, according to multiple reports.

Of the 53 passengers and crew on board, two were sent to the hospital after being rescued. One of those at the hospital later died, while the other was stable, County Judge Mark Keough wrote on Facebook. The deceased was an 80-year-old Montgomery, Texas, man named Karl Katzenberger. Credit: Kayla Mills via Storyful