Liam Payne Faces One Direction Fans' Fury After Jokingly Covering Zayn Malik's Face On Platinum Plaque

Many Directioners found the #bants just a touch too Payne-ful. SORRY.

Liam Payne has been on something of a mission to cheer up devastated One Direction fans after Zayn Malik was signed off their tour, but his latest idea may have just *slightly* backfired.

The boys were holding up a 13x platinum plaque (RUDDY HECK, well done, guys) in the Philippines, when Liam JOKINGLY decided to put his hands over absent Zayn's face.

Let's just say many fans were not so amused.

Liam Payne has been jokingly covering Zayn Malik's face. Copyright [Twitter/Liam Payne]
Liam Payne has been jokingly covering Zayn Malik's face. Copyright [Twitter/Liam Payne]

The 21-year-old shared the photo of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and himself holding the impressive-looking plaque, writing: "#makinglightofasituation sorry for the laughs guys."

However, being the cheeky cherub that he is, Liam decided to jokingly cover Zayn's face as he held the award (does it count as an award? We reckon it does).

Soz babes, but we reckon Zayn's absence on this tour still just a bit *too* Payne-ful for us all. Yes, that DOES mean we're still crying a little bit about it. AND WHAT.

Although we totally appreciate Super Liam trying to cheer us all up by making jokes. He's such a good boy.

Many fans were quick to give Liam a little taste of their fury over his antics, with one user tweeting: "How dare you cover Zayn's face? Don't f**king do it again."

Another said: "I am....disgusted," whilst another wrote: "what the????? Why you covering zayn;s face? Am sorry but I cant c da humour in making joke of a frnd's absence due 2 stress. [sic]"

One user simply wrote: "too soon, Liam. TOO SOON," with another tweeting: "you need to stop this."


However, some fans were quick to jump to his defence and remind people that it was just a little joke, with Liam himself writing: "Some people can't take a joke ... Bit of banter guys chill out."


He also wrote: "Never mind" with a thumbs-up emoji, "ringoffire," and the simple but effective "#banter."

We'd like to sit here and say 'alright, he was JOKING, everyone breathe and let's move on', but sadly, the whole thing didn't actually end there.

Liam Payne vs Justin Bieber. Copyright: [Tumblr] 
Liam Payne vs Justin Bieber. Copyright: [Tumblr] 

Instead, Liam actually ended up chucking some shade at Justin Bieber.

One user decided to tweet the One Direction fittie saying: "Isn't it kinda depressing for you to know what Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you?"

Errrr, pretty sure 1D are doing more than a little okay for themselves, but sure. Okay. Cool.

Having clearly got some sass lessons from Louis, Liam chucked a little shade back, writing: "How many times have I been arrested?"

SASSY. Copyright: [Tumblr] 
SASSY. Copyright: [Tumblr] 

OUCH. Would you like some ice for that burn?

Anyway, we all know that Liam was *just* trying to cheer up Directioners with his banter, and that those boys all have a ridiculous amount of love for one another (need we even say more?).

Let's just hope Zayn's having a lovely rest.

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