Omarosa is being more careful after Trump team files for arbitration

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Omarosa Manigault Newman made sure to tread lightly when speaking about recordings she made during the Trump campaign and her time at the White House, among other things. Omarosa has been open about why she made the tapes, citing widespread corruption throughout the administration while promoting her new book, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.

Besides promoting the book, Omarosa has been releasing bits of the recordings; in turn, President Trump has been releasing tweets, calling her a “crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog.” The president will be free to tweet all he wants, but in light of legal action taken against her by the Trump campaign, Omarosa is now being circumspect about what she divulges. When Noah asked why she felt the need to make the recordings, Omarosa responded, “Well, I have to be very careful because, as of today, Donald Trump has decided to sue me, or bring litigation against me to silence me and to not allow me to tell my story.” She added that she has a host of lawyers advising her not to give Trump any ammunition.

One thing Omarosa did reveal was how to stop Trump. “There’s one way to shut Donald Trump down, and that is to just don’t give him the oxygen. And the oxygen comes from the clicks, the likes, the shock, the discussions,” she said. Referring to the attention Trump got over his recent attack on LeBron James when the NBA superstar opened a school in Akron, Ohio, Omarosa said, “If you ignore him, then you starve him of the thing that he loves the most, and that is controversy and attention.”

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