Omarion Confirms Polyamorous Past, Breaks Silence On Forgiving Fizz After B2K Reunion Tension

Omarion Confirms Polyamorous Past, Breaks Silence On Forgiving Fizz After B2K Reunion Tension
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Omarion is spilling tea on his love life, that previous and potentially final B2K reunion, and ex-girlfriend, Apryl Jones.

After revealing back in May that he doesn’t feel suited for a traditional relationship, the seductive crooner confessed on The Jason Lee Show that he’s already been in a polyamorous relationship.

“What I’ll say without it always being stigmatized about the physical aspect of it, you know, being able to have people that you can openly communicate with about how you feel and what it is that you wanna do is a beautiful thing. Period,” explained the father of two.

On being with two women at once, Omarion shared, “They say you have to be double the man, so it’s work. It’s not fun fun all of the time.” The singer revealed that his relationship went beyond sex and also contributed to his community, which not only benefitted him, but his children as well.

“I love the idea of [his daughter] A’mei being able to have other women that she can go to. If our community was open and willing to share on that level, it’s a lot of benefits,” he explained before noting that polyamory could lead to less infidelity.

Speaking of betrayal, the Unbothered author later opened up regarding how it felt reuniting with his B2K bandmates after Fizz dated Apryl Jones, the mother of his children.

“That was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do in my life, up to-date,” the 38-year-old began. “I had to ask myself some real important questions and one of those questions was, ‘Well, what was it really about for you, O?’ Not what is it about for everybody else, what is everybody thinking when you do this. It’s like, ‘No, what is this about for you?'”

To answer his question, Omarion felt it was “so important” for him to do the tour “to remember myself.”

He explained, “We go through certain things and forget things about ourselves. You know what I’m saying? That tour brought me back into a place of self-recognition and it was so important for me in my journey […] I had to honor that for myself. It wasn’t about nobody else; it was about me.”

After coming to terms with Fizz and Jones’ relationship, the You Got Served star admittedly forgave Fizz for himself and the fans. “I’ve always been a very observant and sound-of-mind person. I know when people tryna come with that bulls**t. I could smell it before it even gets here. At the end of the day, I’m always gonna honor what’s best for me and my family. Even though, people went out of their way to do certain things, I feel like I still got white on. I got no blemishes because I stood true to who I am,” he said.

Fizz and Jones dated briefly from 2019 until 2020. The former publicly apologized to Omarion during the Millennium Tour in 2021, saying, “I did some f**ked up s**t to my brother and I’m not proud of it, man. So I want to stand here, humbly, and sincerely apologize to you for any turmoil or dysfunction I caused between you and your family.” Jones is now dating Taye Diggs.

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