Olivia Wilde Embraces Her “Sexy” Side in Nude Photo Shoot

Don't worry, darling, a little nudity never hurt anyone.

Olivia Wilde went wild in her latest photo shoot, baring all in a series of revealing images for True Botanicals' latest campaign.

According to a press release from the skincare brand, the company let her decide how she wanted to "present herself to the camera" and helped her "unleash her innate feminine sensuality," as her body was depicted "in a sensual, beautiful and raw (unretouched) form."

As part of the eco campaign, Olivia was pictured topless in a swimming pool and sunbathing on a beach towel in the nude. As the actress-turned-director declared, "I wanted to capture and show that sustainability is sexy."

"I think that there is this impression that responsibility and sustainability are inherently rational and boring," Olivia, 37, said in her statement.

She's become somewhat of a #FreetheNipple activist, telling Vogue that she feels the stigma is "culturally specific" and there's "less of a fear of the nipple" in other countries outside of the U.S.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde's Romance Rewind

"I think that we can all really benefit from making sure that we don't allow the stigmatization of women's bodies to infect our own perspective of ourself," she shared. "I wish that in this country, we weren't so terrified of women's bodies in the way that we are and have this kind of puritanical perspective on nipples. I think it's really silly."

EMBARGO UNTIL 10/13 8AM EST Olivia Wilde, True Botanicals
True Botanicals

The mother of two then reflected on how breastfeeding kids makes one have "a different relationship to your breasts and sort of the rest of the world." She noted, "I am someone who has had two babies, I'm in my late thirties, and I love my body now more than I ever have."

Dare we say Harry Styles is finally rubbing off on her? This is the guy who officially confirmed his song "Watermelon Sugar" is about the female orgasm.

Pointing to "yes" would be the fact that Olivia seemingly alluded to her relationship with Harry during her Vogue interview.

"What this past year has taught me is the most valuable thing we have in life is time and the freedom with which to spend it the way you want to and with the people you want to," the Booksmart filmmaker said. "I think that it really affects your health. The way that you view your time affects your health and choosing to spend time focusing on your family, on people you love, on your health and exercise."

EMBARGO UNTIL 10/13 8AM EST Olivia Wilde, True Botanicals
True Botanicals

One way she's been focusing on the people she loves is by attending Harry's concerts—she's been dancing her heart out at his Love on Tour shows and also repping his concert merch while out and about. Perhaps her Harry Styles tote bag lets her keep a piece of him close, even when she can't be with him.

An insider told E! News last month that Olivia is working a lot, but will join Harry on tour when she can. "She thinks it will be a lot of fun to go out on the road. They don't want to spend too much time apart and she will be traveling to meet him whenever she can," the source shared.

She's quite "proud" of her musician boyfriend, per the source: "They support each other in their work always. This is another side of him that she's looking forward to enjoying."

She continues to co-parent Otis, 7 and Daisy, 5, with ex Jason Sudeikis.