Olivia Rodrigo Says She Regrets Not Being a Babysitter Before Fame: 'That's One of My Biggest Dreams'

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The singer appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and talked about her music and family's reaction to her stardom

<p>Rebecca Sapp/Getty</p> Olivia Rodrigo photographed in Los Angeles on Oct. 3, 2023

Rebecca Sapp/Getty

Olivia Rodrigo photographed in Los Angeles on Oct. 3, 2023

If there is one regret that Oliva Rodrigo had prior to achieving mega-stardom, it’s her not being able to put little children to bed or watch TV with them — and getting paid for it.

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, the pop singer, 20, revealed that she never had the opportunity to babysit.

“That’s one of my biggest dreams that I’ve never accomplished,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. ”I would really love to be a babysitter. I love kids, so if you are ever in the market for a babysitter, hit me up.”

The host followed up on her offer with, “We could make that happen, no problem, although I’m guessing you would have to charge like $1,800 an hour or something.”

The joke prompted a laugh from Rodrigo, who added, “No, for you, I’d give you a discount.”

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Rodrigo previously appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2021. At the time, she had visited the White House where President Joe Biden gave her a gift. At the time of her Kimmel appearance, she told the host what the gift was.

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“He gave me a bag of like President Biden goodies — M&Ms and stuff,” Rodrigo recalled to Kimmel Wednesday, “and I was like, ‘What is this weird thing?’ And I went on [your show in 2021] and I was like “President Biden gave me a shoe horn, ha-ha-ha.” I went home and found out it was an ice cream scoop[er] and I lied to you.”

As evidence of what Rodrigo was talking about, Kimmel furnished a photograph of the ice cream scooper. “You didn’t lie,” he said. “You just thought this was a shoe horn.”

“It’s so obvious that I don’t know what a shoe horn looks like,” she said. “Does that look like a shoehorn at all?”

“It doesn’t even look like an ice cream scoop, honestly,” Kimmel said, adding. “I don’t know what it looks like.

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Rodrigo’s latest visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live comes after the singer released her second album Guts. Asked by Kimmel about her family’s reaction to her fame, Rodrigo describes the difference between her dad and mom. 

“My family’s wonderful,” she said. “My family is so proud of me, but they would have been proud of me if I did absolutely anything. My dad is like, you know, brags to his co-workers about me being on the show today. But my mom is the complete opposite. She’s very modest and very shy. If people ever ask her about what I do, she’s just very coy.”

As an example, she brought up an exchange between her mom and a hairdresser around the time Rodrigo was appearing at the Grammys in Las Vegas last year.

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“[My mother] was getting her hair done," Rodrigo said, "and the hairdresser was like, ‘Oh, how old’s your daughter?’ ‘She’s 19.’ ‘Where is she right now?’ ‘She’s working in Vegas.’ ‘What does she do?’ And my mom’s like, ‘She’s in entertainment.’

“And so the hairdresser just stops asking questions because she thinks that I’m a stripper,” Rodrigo continued, ‘which, God bless, I wish I had the core strength to do that, but that’s not me.  So now that anytime someone asks about my career, she just kind of makes them think I’m a stripper.”

Rodrigo not only took part in the interview with Kimmel but also in a pre-recorded bit in which she plays a hitchhiker who hitches a ride from Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney as they drive their two kids, Jane and Billy  — who are fans of the singer — to school one morning.

“I’m Olivia,” she says to Kimmel’s shocked children as she sits between them in the backseat of the car. “Do you mind if I hitch a ride to school with you guys?”

When Molly asks Jane what she thinks, all she can say is, “Oh my God,” with her hands on her mouth. As for Billy’s reaction to all this, he extends both his arms with thumbs up.

Rodrigo will be touring behind the Guts album starting in February. In an interview with PEOPLE earlier this month, she said, “It's going to be so much fun. I'm playing arenas this time, so it's significantly more people in every show. The energy's just going to be fantastic, and I'm going to all these countries I've never been before, so I'm just excited to travel and get to meet new people that I didn't get a chance to do last time. I made this album Guts with this show in mind. I think I wrote some songs that are going to be really fun and exciting to play loud in front of the crowd."

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