Okay, We're Loving Bella Hadid's "Bushwick" Micro-Fringe

When it comes to curating bangs for your hair, the process can go way left in the wrong kind of way or they can be the best thing that ever happened to your face. For Bella Hadid with her newest "spider bang" fringe, we're all stumped on whether we really love them or hate them — either way, she has us all talking.

Taking to Instagram, the model posts BTS photos on set at a Marc Jacobs shoot. She's seen wearing the tallest pair of white Mary Jane platforms, black cat-eye glasses and a gray turtleneck with leave out. Immediately in the snaps, our eyes went straight to Bella's face to get the full scope of what kind of bangs we were looking at. Has our girl gone off the deep end or is it another faux fringe moment the celebs love to trick us with?

The comment section and the Hypebae Beauty team are trying to decipher what we shall dub this look from the Hadid sister. One thing about Bella though, is that she never misses. So while this look may be "bad" to some, the masses think it's a win, so we'll lean in with them. Take a closer look ahead.


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