Ohio student beaten unconscious for not sharing answers to biology quiz

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class quiz

Earlier this week, Tamara Lanier spoke before the Cincinnati, Ohio school board after her son was beaten so severely in an on-campus incident that he lost consciousness. Officials say the teen was attacked for not sharing his answers to a biology quiz.

The minor, whose name has been withheld, is a ninth grader at Shroder High School in Ohio. On March 15, after refusing to share his answers to a biology test, he was attacked in the building’s hallway by several irate students. Cincinnati Public Schools confirmed he was hospitalized as a result of the brutal beating, as reported by local news station WKRC 12 on Tuesday (March 21).

Members of the victim’s family spoke at a school board meeting held on Monday (March 20) night. “I’m here to talk to you today because, quite frankly, I am appalled. My heart is broken,” the boy’s mother said. His uncle, Derrick Kearney, added, “This is completely unacceptable.” The teen’s grandfather noted that his grandson was only enrolled at the school for a week before he was targeted, and believes the attackers are gang-affiliated, although police have not confirmed those allegations. “Five gang members beat this new student until he was unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance,” the grief-stricken grandparent said.

In a statement, the Ohio school board admitted, in part, that the boy “was physically assaulted by several other students and suffered injuries. Shroder staff and security intervened and immediately requested assistance. Cincinnati police and emergency medical personnel responded to provide support, and the injured student was transported to the hospital by ambulance for medical care.” They condemned the violence and announced those responsible were “facing criminal charges.” One of the students has already been arrested, and warrants have been issued for the others who took part in the beating following the biology quiz.

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