Ohio Firefighters Avoid a 'Cat-astrophe' By Freeing Curious Pet Caught Inside Car Wheel Well

cat stuck in car
cat stuck in car

North Lawrence Fire Department

Ohio's North Lawerence Fire Department is ready to serve all citizens, including the furry ones.

According to a recent post from the fire department's Facebook, firefighters received a call on Monday about a cat in need. Firefighters are known for saving felines from trees, but the curious kitty the North Lawerence Fire Department helped was stuck somewhere a tad stranger.

"C-Shift received a call into the station reference a cat stuck inside a vehicle. Medic 8 took the assignment," the fire department shared about the incident.

"The cat was located behind the plastic in the wheel well. After some removal of parts the cat was extricated from the vehicle and turned over to the owner unharmed," the post added.

The North Lawerence Fire Department included a photo to go along with the wild rescue story. The shot shows a grey cat's tail peeking out from a part of the car.

Thankfully, the firefighters quickly freed the feline, who hopefully learned a lesson about exploring tight spaces.

"Another cat-astrophe avoided!" the fire department joked in their Facebook post. "Had to throw a cat pun in there."

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The North Lawerence Fire Department ended their recap of the pet rescue with a reminder to Ohio residents that their firefighters are prepared to help all humans and their furry friends.

"Sometimes it's more than medical calls and fires. We're always happy to assist our residents," the post concluded.