Offset Feels Like “Everything Is So The Same” In Hip-Hop Right Now

Offset believes Hip-Hop artists have some work to do. In a conversation with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1, the 31-year-old discussed his opinion on the current state of the genre.

“I’m noticing that the no content music ain’t catching nobody’s ear. I’m noticing that the numbers are down in our genre specifically because I feel like everything is so the same,” explained the “Clout” rapper.

“The next new ni**a is another ni**a that was just here. It’s nothing new being brought to the game. Not just on the sound side, but just all the way around as creatively, too. Most videos be like a Rolls Royce in the background, some chains on, and that sh*t getting boring, fellas.”

Offset and Ebro
Offset and Ebro

He continued, “You know what I’m saying? It’s like no real entertainment. Why you got these pop and these country artists smoking sh*t, because they coming with the full around, the full around everything. The full package, you know what I’m saying? Everything ain’t flexing.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the former Migos member discussed his own evolution, stepping outside of his comfort zone, and being influenced by Michael Jackson in his latest album Set It Off.

“The inspo of Mike is pushing that narrative of taking it to the next level and taking it there, making my videos more film-like, having dialogue in the videos, little choreo in the videos, different chapters to the videos,” Offset explained.

“And also, the story of him coming from his family, you know what I’m saying? He come from his family and wanting more for himself, and feeling like…It’s nothing personal, but it’s just a self-preservation where you want to be on the next level. And when I did the Beyoncé thing, I respect her showmanship and how much she puts into her performances. All these other comparisons, it’s cap. It’s Beyoncé. She’s that Mike, where she could go out there and wow you the whole time.”

Watch the full interview with Offset from Ebro Darden for Apple Music 1 below.

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