Officials rush to get tight, plastic container off cub’s head in Connecticut heat

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Connecticut Fish and Wildlife

A bear cub was spotted wandering Connecticut with a container on its head — and wildlife officials had no time to waste.

The bear cub was found with a clear and tight, plastic container stuck on its head in June, Connecticut Fish and Wildlife said.

“Given the warm weather and tight fit of the container, it was important to try and free the cub quickly,” wildlife officials said in a news release.

The bear was in a tree when biologists arrived on scene. They waited for the bear to get down from the tree and then tranquilized the cub.

Wildlife officials removed the plastic container and saved the bear.

“Fortunately, the bear did not sustain any injuries from the container,” officials said. “Once freed, the cub quickly found its mother who was waiting nearby.”

It’s not uncommon for bears to get stuck in people’s trash.

In Tennessee, a black bear cub was found with a plastic food container on its head. Wildlife officials used a ladder to climb up a tree to reach the bear, McClatchy News previously reported.

Rescuers removed the container and took the bear to a facility to recover.

Connecticut Fish and Wildlife said people can help prevent similar incidents from happening by securing their trash and recyclables.

“Whether it be balloons, fishing line, or plastic containers, wildlife can often ingest or become entangled in improperly disposed or stored items,” officials said.

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