The Official List of Chiefs Games Taylor Swift Can Attend in 2024 Amid the Eras Tour

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The 2024 NFL season is approaching which means Travis Kelce is about to be very busy running around a football field. And considering that Taylor Swift will be in the middle of her Eras Tour right at the same might be wondering how much they'll be able to see each other.

The answer? A lot, tbh! The Chiefs just released their official schedule, which means we finally know....


After running a cross comparison of Taylor's tour dates and Travis' game days, it looks like (depending on her personal schedule) Taylor will be able to attend almost all of the Chiefs's 2024 season. Though she'll have to do a lot of flying to-and-from random cities!

Here's Travis' schedule with the days Taylor can attend in bold.

September 5: Chiefs vs. Ravens

September 15: Chiefs vs. Bengals

September 22: Chiefs vs. Falcons

September 29: Chiefs vs. Chargers

October 7: Cheifs vs Saints

October 13: BYE WEEK

October 20: Chiefs vs. 49ers (Taylor will be in Miami)

October 27: Chiefs vs Raiders (Taylor will be in New Orleans)

November 4: Chiefs vs Buccaneers

November 10: Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

November 17: Chiefs vs Bills

November 24: Chiefs vs Panthers

November 29: Chiefs vs Raiders

December 8: Chiefs vs Chargers (Taylor will be in Vancouver)

December 15: Chiefs vs Browns

December 21: Chiefs vs Texans

December 25: Chiefs vs Steelers

January 4 or 5: Chiefs vs Broncos

Obviously there's no guarantee that Taylor will be at any / all of these games, but these are the ones to keep an eye on!

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